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    The ankle might look like a simple joint but acts like a hinge and is quite complex as it is made up of several important structures. The Creator designed the ankle to be a highly stable joint as after all, it had to withstand 1.5 times your body weight when you walk and up to 8 times your body weight when you run. The muscles, ligaments and tendons that support the ankle joint work in sync when you move your body or walk seemingly effortlessly.






  • Ankle Support ProductsHow do VISSCO ankle joint supports work?

    Thanks to their ability to fit any part of the patient’s anatomy and the elasticity of the material, VISSCO ankle joint supports hug anatomical contours very well. They exert a slight compression on the affected painful areas of the joint and provide relief. Scientific studies have also demonstrated the biomechanical effect of the bandages: Fully unconscious reflexes support or improve the perception of the actual position and exertion status of the joint, thus stabilizing it very accurately by activating the corresponding muscles. Scientists call this unconscious reflex “the proprioceptive effect” of joint bandages. In the final analysis, the joint’s fine motor movements are improved, and protected at the same time. Do not apply VISSCO joint bandages to a newly injured joint before a physician has examined it. However, Vissco bandages are helpful not only for early functional therapy of capsular ligament injuries, but also for early return to activity and in some cases for long‐term use.