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  • Knee Brace


    Your knee is where your thigh-bone and shin-bone meet up. The patella (your knee cap) is made up of bone and sits in the front of the knee. The knee joint is supported by a ligament capsule and contains the synovial fluid that lubricates the joint. Two round knobs rest on a plateau like area between your thigh and shin bone holding it in place as well as enabling movement. The calf muscle is one placed at the back of the lower leg. When we walk, run or jump it helps pull the heel up to allow forward movement.






  • How do VISSCO Knee Supports work?

    Thanks to their ability to fit any part of the patient’s anatomy and the elasticity of the material, Vissco knee supports take the shape of anatomical contours very well. They exert a slight compression on the affected painful parts of the joint and provide Relief. VISSCO offers two different types of Knee supports:

    1. Supports with a brace or splint that covers the entire joint to immobilize it or prevent extreme movement. These supports are suitable for the treatment of all kinds of pain caused by osteoarthritis or other conditions.

    2. Elastic supports that wrap around the entire Knee and adjoining area, and supports the joint without restricting movement. These supports are often worn while playing tennis and various other ball games as a preventative measure or prophylaxis. Scientific studies have also demonstrated the biomechanical effect of the supports: Fully unconscious reflexes support or improve the perception of the actual position and exertion status of the joint, thus stabilizing it very accurately by activating the corresponding muscles. Scientists call this unconscious reflex “the proprioceptive effect” of joint supports. In the final analysis, the joint’s fine motor movements are improved, and protected at the same time. The reduction or even elimination of the need for painkillers is another important patient benefit. Thus, it is possible to minimize the dangerous side effects painkillers often have. Do not apply VISSCO supports to a newly injured joint before a physician has examined it.