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    Your shoulder is one of the most complex joints in your body as it has the greatest range of motion amongst them. The shoulder is made up of bones and joints, wrapped up by ligaments and then surrounded by tendons and muscles. It is made up of primarily three bones: the upper arm bone, the shoulder blade and the collar bone. These are held together by 4 joints.






  • Arm Pouch SlingHow do VISSCO Shoulder supports work?

    Thanks to their ability to fit the patient’s anatomy, VISSCO shoulder supports take the shape of the anatomical contours very well. They cover the entire joint to immobilize it or prevent extreme movement, which helps relieve muscle tension. They hinder extreme movements and give the joint the time to heal. These supports are suitable for the treatment of shoulder dislocation, lesions of the rotator cuff, stable subcapital fractures of the humerus, scapular fractures and discomfort in the area of the shoulder and shoulder girdle