Exercise - Inch Worm




Do not arch/round the back or bend the knees.

Model: Sanjay


Position : Prone
On 4s such that wrists under shoulders and knees under hips.


Form & Movement
Maintain chin tuck, blades set and core set. Breathe out, straighten the knees by lifting it off the floor and point the buttocks towards the ceiling. Feel for the stretch behind the legs. Breathe in, shift the weight towards the hands such that wrist under the shoulders and ankles, knees, hips and knees are in a line. Breathe out, pushing down on the hands, point the buttocks towards the ceiling. Breathe in, back to starting position. Repeat.
Body types : Ankle Elbow Hip Knee Neck Shoulder Wrist
Conditions : ACL Sprain-Grade 1 ACL Sprain-Grade 2 ACL Sprain-Grade 3 Chronic ACL Sprain Chronic Groin Strain Chronic PCL Sprain Gluteal Tendinopathy Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome Groin Strain-Grade 1 Groin Strain-Grade 2 Groin Strain-Grade 3 Hamstring Strain- Grade 1 Hamstring Strain- Grade 2 Hip Bursitis IT Band syndrome Lateral Meniscal Rehab-Degenerative Lateral Meniscal Rehab-Traumatic LCL Sprain-Grade 1 LCL Sprain-Grade 2 LCL Sprain-Grade 3 Lumbar Hyperlordosis Lumbar Radiculitis MCL Sprain-Grade 1 MCL Sprain-Grade 2 MCL Sprain-Grade 3 Medial Meniscal Rehab-Degenerative Medial Meniscal Rehab-Traumatic Military Back Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome PCL Spain-Grade 3 PCL Sprain-Grade 1 PCL Sprain-Grade 2 Piriformis Syndrome Postural Low Back Pain Recurrent LCL Sprain Recurrent MCL Sprain Sway Back Trochanteric Bursitis