Exercise - Side-Lying IT Band Stretch




Do not side bend the trunk, arch the back or rotate the hip


Position : Side-lying
Lie on one side, arms by the side, bend the bottom knee and hip and straighten the top leg such that foot pointing in front.


Form & Movement
Maintain chin tuck, blades set and core set. Breathe out, move the top leg behind and lower the leg towards the floor without moving your hip. Feel for the stretch on the outer aspect of the upper thigh. Hold. Release the stretch.
Body types : Hip
Conditions : Gluteal Tendinopathy Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome Hamstring Strain- Grade 1 Hamstring Strain- Grade 2 Hip Bursitis Hip OA IT Band syndrome Knee OA Knee Sprain Lateral Meniscal Rehab-Degenerative Lateral Meniscal Rehab-Traumatic LCL Sprain-Grade 1 LCL Sprain-Grade 2 LCL Sprain-Grade 3 Lumbar Radiculitis MCL Sprain-Grade 1 MCL Sprain-Grade 2 MCL Sprain-Grade 3 Medial Meniscal Rehab-Degenerative Medial Meniscal Rehab-Traumatic Meniscal Injury Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Piriformis Syndrome Recurrent LCL Sprain Recurrent MCL Sprain Trochanteric Bursitis