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Sternal Brace

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Core | Moderate support

From: Rs.796.00 From: Rs.732.32

From: Rs.796.00 From: Rs.732.32

The Vissco Sternal brace provides support and stability to the Sternum bone.It is used post open heart surgery and sternal fractures. It supports the sternaum and provides pain relief.

A brace is usually used to give support to an area of the body that has lost strength due to some injury or strain. The Vissco Sternal Brace helps to limit painful chest expansion in the case of rib fracture or dislocation of the ribs. It also helps provide support against mild abrasion, sprain and fractures. As a result, the brace helps during the recovery process by taking pressure of the weakened area.

When to Use

  • Post cardio-thoracic surgery
  • Post rib fracture
  • Surgical incisions on chest
  • Mild abrasion, sprain and fractures of strenum

Benefits Of Use

  • Provides soft padded support to the strenum and helps in heating
  • Helps limit painful chest expansion during post surgery and abrasion due to wounds
  • Stabilizes and supports to the rib cage
  • Helps patients regulate pain management


  • Skin Friendly
  • Easy Breathe
  • Soft Support
  • Adjustable Support
  • Soft Padding
  • Ergonomic Fit
  • Anti-Fungal

How to Use

  • Apply in standing or sitting position
  • Unfasten closures and place the sternal Support around rib cage area
  • Place splinting pad at the sternum
  • Pull sides with hook and loop fastener until the support holds the rib cage snugly
  • Fasten closure on the support base

Product Care

  • Hand wash with mild detergent and water at room temperature
  • Dry in shade on a flat surface
  • Do not dry clean
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