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Cot Finger Splint

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Core | Firm support

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Provides support & stability to the joints of the fingure.


Put it on for

  • PIP/DIP fracture
  • Tendon injury of the nger
  • Post surgery of the nger
  • Deformity of the nger

The Extra Boost

  • Scientically designed to immobilize and protect the PIP/DIP joint case of fracture, injury or after surgery
  • Special U shaped design for easy application and comfortable tting
  • Made from malleable aluminium to shape and provide perfect support to the healing nger
  • Foam padded on the inner side for high cushioning and enhanced comfort

For Maximum Benefit

  • Apply the nger splint so that the nger comes in between the foam pads
  • Lock the splint with the velcro to a rm and comfortable gripProduct Care

Product Care

  • Hand wash with mild detergent and water at room temperature
  • Dry in shade on a at surface
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not Iron or Bleach