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Scientifically designed to correct foot arch and improve foot biomechanics


Put it on for:
  • Work Shoes- For those who stand on their feet all day
  • High Heels and Flip Flops- that lead to tired feet
  • To reduce metatarsal and low back pain
  • To reduce rate of bone wear and tear
  • To correct foot arch and improve foot biomechanics
  • Release the pressure on the soles of the feet
  • For all-day comfort and support
The Extra Boost
  • Ideal to place in your office shoes, casual or high heels
  • Universal slim design 3/4 length fits most heeled shoes, dress shoes and sandals
  • Dual-stiffness compound
  • Lightweight matched with 3-Dimensional arches of different heights
  • Cushioning system helps in shock absorption & protects sensitive feet against stress & strain
  • Foot Control – Synergizes and helps the foot and shoe to work as one
  • Can be used without cutting
Key Features
  • CUSTOM FIT: Tailored custom fit for increased comfort in every shoe
  • OPTIMAL SUPPORT: Reduces fatigue and increases performance
  • DEODORIZING: Special fabric with nano tech anti-bacterial double layered system, absorbs moisture thus reducing odours and blisters
Product Care
  • Hand wash in cold water
  • Air dry on a flat surface
  • Do not tumble-dry or iron