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Pose Name: Head Stand

Indian Name: Sirsana

• Sirsasana induces relaxation and fights stress • The practice of this posture helps to treat vertigo • It can contribute to overcoming problems related to kidneys, liver, stomach, intestine, and the reproductive system • Sirsasana also helps in circulating blood to the scalp, and thus helps in preventing hair loss, greying of hair and baldness • It relieves headaches • It helps the functioning of the pituitary gland, which supports the functioning of all the endocrine glands • It increases the vitality of the body • It strengthens the muscles of the neck and shoulder, abdomen and spine • It deepens and calms the breath

• Always start learning this asana under the guidance of an instructor • Mastering this asana might take some time. Have patience, and go slowly • You can start practicing this asana only once your instructor recommends it • While performing any balancing postures, ensure that you perform it close to a wall for stability • Always be mindful of the placement of your neck • The entire weight of your body is supported by the muscles in the hands, neck, and shoulders. If you have spondylitis, please speak to your yoga instructor before starting this asana • People with heart conditions, vertigo(even though it helps in treatment), high blood pressure also need to be cautious • Also, never hold your breath while you perform the yoga asanas