Exercise - Side Walk with Mini Squat




Do not arch/round the back or cross the knees over toes while squat.


Position : Stand
Stand with feet hip-width apart and toes pointing forward.


Form & Movement
Maintain chin tuck, blades set and core set. Breathe in, take a step sideways, bend the knees to 30 degrees and squat as if sitting back on the chair. Breathe out, squeeze the buttocks and up to standing position. Repeat.
Body types : Ankle Hip Knee Low Back
Conditions : Achilles Tendonitis ACL Sprain-Grade 1 ACL Sprain-Grade 2 ACL Sprain-Grade 3 Ankle Fracture Ankle Sprain Chronic ACL Sprain Chronic PCL Sprain Knee OA Knee Sprain LCL Sprain-Grade 1 LCL Sprain-Grade 2 LCL Sprain-Grade 3 MCL Sprain-Grade 1 MCL Sprain-Grade 2 MCL Sprain-Grade 3 Meniscal Injury PCL Sprain-Grade 1 PCL Sprain-Grade 2 PCL Sprain-Grade 3 Plantar Fasciitis Postural Low Back Pain Recurrent LCL Sprain Recurrent MCL Sprain