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Sacro Lumber Belt with Double Strapping

Rs.719.10 Rs.799.00
SKU: 0101

Abdominal Belt width 8″ inch / 20cm

Rs.610.20 Rs.678.00
SKU: 0501

Lumboset Basic ( Lumbo Sacral Belt )

Rs.765.00 Rs.850.00
SKU: 2101

Venante Back Relaxer

Rs.8,910.00 Rs.9,900.00

Pro Lumboset Advance

Rs.943.20 Rs.1,048.00
SKU: 2103

Taylor Brace ( Dorso Lumbar Spinal Brace )

Rs.1,772.10 Rs.1,969.00
SKU: 0120

Eco Frame Back Support

Rs.787.50 Rs.875.00
SKU: 0105

Orthopaedic Hospital Back Rest

Rs.2,016.90 Rs.2,241.00
SKU: 0116

Round Ring Pillow For Bed Sores

Rs.1,396.80 Rs.1,552.00
SKU: 1118

Pro Abdoset

Rs.679.50 Rs.755.00
SKU: 2501

New Hernia Belt With – Double Pad

Rs.587.70 Rs.653.00
SKU: 0508

Vissco Smart Back Rest

Rs.1,165.50 Rs.1,295.00
SKU: 0121

Ash Brace (Hyper-Extension Brace)

Rs.1,335.84 Rs.1,452.00
SKU: 0810

Sternal Brace

Rs.732.32 Rs.796.00
SKU: 0626

Magnetic Back Support

Rs.810.00 Rs.900.00
SKU: 0104

Orthopaedic Back Support – Small

Rs.2,170.80 Rs.2,412.00
SKU: 0107

Abdominal Belt

Rs.382.50 Rs.425.00
SKU: 3501

Abdominal Belts – 6-Inch Width

Rs.506.70 Rs.563.00
SKU: 0502