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An indoor exercise cycle to help in toning and shaping up the lower body


Use it for

  • Strengthening of hip, knee and core muscles
  • Physical fitness and body toning exercises
  • Activates the cardiovascular system
  • Reduces weight by burning fat
  • Assists in hip toning by muscle growth

The Extra Boost

  • Can be used in preferably recumbent position or in sitting position
  • Helps you get rid of unwanted flabby calves, thigh, hips or abdomen
  • Pedaling takes inches off your body thereby toning and firming your muscles
  • The hip exerciser engages your legs not only as you push down, but also when you pull up which helps you tone your muscles more effectively and reduces the pressure on your knees
  • The hamstrings and the quadriceps muscles work together to push the pedals which helps toning of the area

For Maximum Benefit

  • Sit on a chair/ stool or lie down and insert your feet through the elastic straps and rest feet on the paddle
  • Adjust the tensioning knob to the desired resistance and start cycling

Product Care

  • To clean wipe with a damp cloth
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