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Vissco Eye Dropper Dispenser

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Vissco Eye Dropper Dispenser-(A unique Rehabillitation device to dispense eyedrops accurately)

VISSCO EYE DROPPER DISPENSER – A new unique Rehabilitation Device to dispense eye drops accurately into the eyes without assistance from anyone. It can be used either while lying horizontally or sitting.(Head to be bent as far behind for use in sitting position) Having Fear of poking your eyes while dispensing the drop in eyes, Now you don’t have to worry. Since this unique design of the eyedropper compensates for shaky hands and eliminates the fear of poking into the eyes the eye drop bottle. It also prevents wastage of the eye drop since it centralizes the drop.

Instructions for Use:

  • Wash the eye dropper unit with warm water and mild detergent and dry cloth before every use.
  • Always clean in warm water and air dry before storing in the container provided
  • Remove the cap of the eye drop bottle and insert the bottle into the star-shaped the soft end of the eyedropper dispenser.
  • Place and hold the eye dropper.
  • While keeping your eye open press the eye drop bottle with the other hand to dispense one or two drops into the eye.
  • With little experience you will be able to accurately drop into eyes.
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