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Pro — Is a sports injury pushing you to the side-line? It’s time to get back in the game with Vissco’s Pro series of orthopaedic and rehabilitation aids. From knee caps to pouch slings, our new-age gears are advanced, stylish and sporty — the perfect fit for your active lifestyle.

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Pro Ankler

Rs.271.40 Rs.295.00
SKU: 2708

Spro Knee Cap (Pair)

Rs.315.00 Rs.350.00
SKU: 2700

Tennis Elbow Support – Universal

Rs.218.70 Rs.243.00
SKU: 2617

Pro Arm Pouch Sling

Rs.324.76 Rs.353.00
SKU: 2805

Pro Lumboset Advance

Rs.943.20 Rs.1,048.00
SKU: 2103

Pro 2D Ankle Support

Rs.343.16 Rs.373.00
SKU: 2707

Pro Rigid Ankle Brace

Rs.561.60 Rs.624.00
SKU: 2720

Pro 2D Knee Cap

Rs.387.00 Rs.430.00
SKU: 2703

Pro 3D Ankle Support

Rs.512.44 Rs.557.00
SKU: 2709

Pro Abdoset

Rs.679.50 Rs.755.00
SKU: 2501

Pro Knee Stabler Long – ( 19” Brace )

Rs.926.10 Rs.1,029.00
SKU: 2701

Pro Knee Stabler Long – ( 22” Brace )

Rs.963.00 Rs.1,070.00
SKU: 2706

Pro 3D Knee Cap (Single Piece)

Rs.554.40 Rs.616.00
SKU: 2704

Elbow Support with Strap

Rs.162.00 Rs.180.00
SKU: 2620

Lumbo Care (Lumbo Sacral Belt)

SKU: 0102

Pro 3D Ankle Support With Gel Padding

Rs.1,043.28 Rs.1,134.00
SKU: 2710

Pro Cast Shoe

Rs.485.10 Rs.539.00
SKU: 2804