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Whether you want to get to the top of the corporate ladder, play with your grandchildren, or simply chase your dreams, don’t let pain get in the way. Which is why we have designed our premium range keeping your needs in mind. Our advanced range of orthopaedic and rehabilitation products uses international material and standards, offers greater support, and ensures superior comfort as you get better.

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Contoured Memory Foam Pillow

Rs.3,482.85 Rs.3,745.00
SKU: 5301

Anti-Embolism Stockings-Thigh (Open Toe)

Rs.1,389.20 Rs.1,510.00
SKU: 5710

Vissco Platinum Thigh Length Medical Compression Stockings

Rs.3,461.04 Rs.3,762.00
SKU: 5702

Vissco Platinum Class I Knee Length Medical Compression Stockings

Rs.2,418.68 Rs.2,629.00
SKU: 5703

Vissco Platinum Class I Thigh Length Medical Compression Stockings

Rs.3,634.00 Rs.3,950.00
SKU: 5704

Anti-Embolism Stockings – Knee Length ( 13-18mm Hg)

Rs.916.32 Rs.996.00
SKU: 5707

Anti-Embolism Stockings – Thigh Length ( 13-18mm Hg)

Rs.1,389.20 Rs.1,510.00
SKU: 5708

Adv Patella and Ligament Assisted Knee Support with Silicone Pressure Pad

Rs.1,652.40 Rs.1,836.00
SKU: 5712

Anti-Embolism Stockings – Knee (Open Toe)

Rs.916.32 Rs.996.00
SKU: 5709

Platinum Ankle Support with Silicone Pressure Pad

Rs.1,661.52 Rs.1,806.00
SKU: 5713

Platinum Knee Brace – Left Leg

Rs.6,444.90 Rs.7,161.00
SKU: 5706L

Platinum Knee Brace – Right Leg

Rs.6,444.90 Rs.7,161.00
SKU: 5706R

Pneumatic Walker Boot

SKU: 5720

Vissco Platinum Lumbo-Sacral Corset With Double Strap

Rs.2,654.10 Rs.2,949.00
SKU: 5104

Vissco Platinum Lumbo-Sacral Corset With Silicone Pressure Pad

Rs.3,547.80 Rs.3,942.00
SKU: 5103