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The ageing process is a daunting and inevitable one. Which is why effort and action must be taken to improve the overall health, longevity and quality of life. Despite this, 80% of adults are not engaging in enough physical activity to reach prescribed guidelines. In general and especially for seniors, inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle are extremely dangerous.

The dangers range from, increased risk of serious adverse health conditions such as blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, obesity, cholesterol issues, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer, depression and death from any cause. World wide, approximately 3.2 million deaths each year are attributable to insufficient physical activity.

We are aware, how important it is to stay active as we get older and if you are, that’s a good thing. However, we have to do more than just stay active if we want to stay healthy and strong. Strength training is not just for athletes or bodybuilders, it’s for all of us, especially older adults. It’s by far one of the most important things you can do for your body.

The Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training can:

•  Reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, back pain, and depression

•  Help you manage your weight

•  Improve your balance

•  Help you sleep better

•  Improve glucose control

•  Increase strength and muscle mass while raising metabolism

•  Promote more independence as you get older

Size matters – but strength matters more

While having big muscles might hold some appeal for some of us, it’s your strength that really matters when it comes to functioning well in old age. And if you are training right, getting stronger is relatively easy, even if your body type doesn’t build muscle easily. The right kind of training depends on your fitness and health goals.

The following nine moves are strength training exercises that you may have seen before. Alone, they work a set group of muscles, but strung together in one-minute intervals, these nine exercises become a complete, whole-body workout. Do each of the exercises in this set for one minute each, not stopping between exercises.

Set 1: Body weight Squat, Push-Up and Mountain Climbers

1. Bodyweight Squat: You squat every time you sit or stand, It works on your legs and your glutes, the most powerful muscle group in the body

2. Push-Up: This effectively work the muscles in your shoulders and chest

3. Mountain Climbers: This exercise mimics the motion climbers make, as they climb steep peaks, except it’s done on the soft, flat surface of your floor. Mountain climbers are total body workouts, building strength in your core, back, arms and legs as well as your heart

(1)                                                  (2)                                                      (3)

Set 2: Plank, Bodyweight Split Squat and Single-Leg Hip Raise

Take a one-minute break after the first set of exercises. Now you’re ready for set two.

4. Plank: This exercise helps build strength in the core, shoulders, arms and legs. It tones up abs and builds strength in upper body. Additionally, they strengthen both the abdominal and low back muscles simultaneously and can have a beneficial effect for people with low back pain

5. Bodyweight Split Squat: This variation on a squat targets the quadricep and hamstring muscles in your legs as well as the glutes. Jumping into your starting position from the lowest point in your squat also adds a plyometric boost at

6. Single-Leg Hip Raise: This exercise is adapted from yoga and targets the muscles in your glutes and abs

(4)                                                                  (5)                                                      (6)

Set 3: Burpee With Push-Up, Single-Leg Toe Touches and Leg Raises

7. Burpee With Push-Up: Fun and great for the body, this total body exercise will get your heart pumping fast. However, here’s some advice keep your body in control as you move through the exercise

8. Single-Leg Toe Touches: This exercise, tones up the lower body and helps to improve balance, while also targeting your hamstrings

9. Leg Raises: This exercises, builds your core strength without getting off the floor. The legs down exercise is great for lower back pain. Make sure to move your legs in a controlled manner throughout the exercise

(7)                                                                 (8)                                                                  (9)

“It is time to make a change for the better”. Start by talking with your doctor. Reach out to find a certified personal trainer in your area. Or at least take the time and effort to learn how to best workout on your own. Set a plan in place. Take action! Remember, your quality and length of life literally depends on it at .

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