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Healthy Fruits And Vegetables

It’s never too early to pay attention to building bone strength. A healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and nutritious food are essential for promoting good bone health, and fight diseases like osteoporosis. Nutrients such as Calcium and Vitamin D are very important early on in life, but may also help as you age. If an onset of osteoporosis occurs, both Calcium and Vitamin D can help slow the disease and prevent fractures.

So what are the foods that are best to promote healthy bones? Here are some of your best options:

  1. Yogurt: One cup of yogurt can give you upto 30% and 20% of your daily requirement of Calcuim and Vitamin D! Make breakfast of a nice, creamy bowl of plain dahi to kickstart your day!
  2. Milk: Everyone’s favourite source of Calcium! Blend a tall glass of milk with fruit, peanut butter or chocolate into a smoothie. It’ll cost you a few calories, but will also give you 30% of your daily dose of Calcium!
  3. Cheese: Now here’s a sinful source of Calcium. Have some cheese, especially Cheddar, in moderation to boost your Calcium intake.
  4. Eggs: These are an easy and quick way to get some Vitamin D. Keep in mind that egg whites cut the calories, but Vitamin D is in the yolk.
  5. Salmon and Tuna: While these fish are known to contain plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, a 3-ounce piece of salmon or some canned tuna fish will also have more than 100% of your vitamin D for a day. So eat up for your heart and your bones!
  6. Spinach: Are the vegetarians feeling deprived? No worries… stock up on your Calcium, along with fibre, Vitamin A and iron with a healthy serving of fresh green Palak!
  7. Orange Juice: You thought this was only good for Vitamin C? Think again! Several common brands of OJ such as Tropicana are fortified with Vitamin D and Calcium. Check the tetra pack before you bring it home!

Maintaining strength and health is a holistic process and involves several different factors. One of the most important of these is a healthy and balanced diet. Watch this space for more blogs on the best foods for your essential nutrients and vitamins!


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