Physicians often advise the patients who undergo hip replacement surgeries to use walking sticks to reduce stress on legs and hips. Walking sticks offer support to the user, and be more self-reliant. To ensure they use the walking stick properly and don’t strain their newly replaced hip joint, it is advisable for the patients to consult their physiotherapist before opting for a walking aid. Additionally, users need to learn how to use a walking stick to ensure they get proper support. The blog enumerates some simple tips on choose and using walking sticks, starting with validating the need for those who have recently had a hip replacement surgery.

Why do I need a walking stick?

In a hip replacement surgery, surgeons remove the damaged part of the hip joints and replace them with a prosthetic joint. The procedure softens the tissues and muscles around the hip, reducing their capability to carry the patient’s body weight. Mobility, therefore, can be a problem for patients. To help them move without straining the replaced joint, doctors recommend using a walking stick. However, before they start using one, patients need to ensure they’re able to transfer their body weight to the operated part. Using a walking stick also promises to alleviate pain and discomfort and improves body stability.

What is the ideal length of a walking stick?

Hip replacement patients need to opt for a walking stick of optimal length. If the stick is too short or long, it can have a negative impact on the body’s balance, thereby increasing the chances of a fall. Patients who’re unsure about the right length of the stick suitable for them can opt for quad/adjustable walking sticks that give the user the option to customize the stick height according to their height and body structure. To find out the correct height of the stick, the patient can stand against a wall and measure the distance between the ground and their wrist.

What are the types of walking stick?

Walking stick makers and suppliers offer different types of walking sticks to help meet the distinct needs of different users. Some of the most popular options are sticks with swan necked shafts, sticks with anatomically shaped handles (distribute weight over the palm and are apt for people who suffer from acute wrist pain), wooden sticks, and functional grip sticks. Among the options available, cane walking sticks are usually prescribed to patients of hip replacement surgery, as they are much lighter than most of the other options available in the market.

What’s the right way to use a walking stick?

Users need to place the walking stick in the hand opposite to their operated leg. In some cases, physiotherapists may also recommend using two sticks or a walker, if the patient needs additional support. Patients also need to make sure they place their stronger leg first, while ascending stairs to offer proper leverage and support to the operated leg. Additionally, it is advisable that users use the handrail while climbing and descending stairs, to minimize the stress on the operated joint.

Where can I buy a walking stick?

Most medical supply stores deal in walking sticks and locating one should not be a problem. However, hip replacement patients need proper rest to recover and should especially avoid venturing in crowded marketplaces. To help patients have a hassle-free shopping experience, many walking stick suppliers, such as Vissco, offer their products online, and get the products delivered right at the patient’s doorstep. All the user needs to do is make their pick from the range of products available on the provider’s website, and place their order.

A Word of Advice

Apart from all that we have so far discussed in the post, users also need to ensure that the rubber tip at the bottom of the walking stick is not worn out, as it enables the stick to establish a firm grip on the floor. It is, therefore, advisable that patients replace the part as soon as it wears out. Users should also avoid using disfigured walking sticks and must replace their walking stick if it gets skewed. If you are looking to buy walking sticks, the search ends with Vissco. Placed among the most prominent walking stick manufacturers in India, Vissco offers a range of walking and mobility aids for diverse needs. To learn more about any of our products, give us a call at +91-22-4333-0300 or +91-22-4333-0333.

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