In today’s context, the word “ergonomics” is used to describe the idea that rather than forcing employees to fit a job, a job environment should be moulded to fit a worker. Ergonomics covers all aspects of a work environment including the physical stresses it places on various parts of the body and even environmental factors that effect hearing, vision, and general health.

Physical stresses can be of various different types depending on the kind of work environment. The most common work-related injuries and ailments are caused by repetitive motions like typing, spending long hours at a laptop or using the same tools over and over like screwdrivers or jackhammers. Working in an awkward position, such as holding a telephone to your ear with your shoulder, can also cause problems.

One of the easiest things to correct is body posture, and seating arrangements. A correct one can make a world of a difference. Here are some simple adjustments that could increase the comfort of your computer workstation and help to prevent musculoskeletal and visual fatigue:


Adjust the height of your work surface and the height of your chair such that your keyboard is at elbow level. Support your feet either flat on the floor or with a footrest. Use an adjustable keyboard tray if height cannot be adjusted easily.

Position the back rest of your chair to provide support to your lower back. Do not sit on the edge of the chair, but lean back fully. Place a pillow between your back and the backrest if necessary.

Position your computer screen directly in front of you. The distance between your eyes and the screen should be at least an arm’s length.


Adjust the height of your monitor such that your eyes are at the level of the top of the screen. If you use glasses, the height should be a little different to account for the angle of the lens. Especially if you wear bifocal or trifocal lenses, your eyes should be 3-4 inches above the top of the screen.

Tilt your screen to minimize glare by tilting the screen. This will help reduce glare from any overhead lights. If you have lights around you, check to make sure you’re not getting glare from them through your monitor.

Draw drapes or shades and utilize task lighting rather than bright overhead lighting when working at the computer.

Use a document holder. If you are regularly referring to a printed document, try to avoid keeping it placed flat on the desk, as this will require you to lean forward and flex your neck, leading to fatigue and discomfort. The document and screen should be located at approximately the same distance to eliminate constant eye refocusing at varying viewing distances. Use an office document holder to help achieve this.

Keep the area under your desk clear for adequate leg and knee room.

When typing or using a mouse, keep the upper arms nearly vertical at your side with elbows bent to approximately 90 degrees to prevent fatigue. Use a wrist rest, if necessary, to maintain your wrists, hands, and arms in a straight horizontal line. This is the best way to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Take frequent short breaks and stretch periodically to reduce the soreness and stiffness related to fixed, static work postures.

And most importantly…Stay fit!

Listen to the signals your body gives you, and address all aches and pains. Speak to your colleagues and your bosses to start a fitness program in your office – perhaps a bi-weekly yoga class, or even pool in to buy an office treadmill or a couple of dumbbells! A fit body is a pain free one!


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