Exercise - Advance Neck Stability With Rotation




Do not round/shrug the shoulders or arch back or release the press against the wall.

Model: diya


Position : Stand
Stand with feet hip-width apart facing the wall, arms by the side and place a gym ball in between the wall and forehead.


Form & Movement
Maintain chin tuck, blades set and core set. Breathe out, press the ball against the wall with the head gently. Maintaining the press, rotate the head in one direction and back to centre. Repeat to the other side.
Body types : Neck
Conditions : Acute Neck Pain Acute Trapezitis Acute Trapezius Myalgia Acute Trapezius Strain Cervical Spondylosis Chronic Neck Pain Chronic Trapezitis Chronic Trapezius Myalgia Chronic Trapezius Strain Forward Head Posture Trapezius Muscle Soreness Trapezius Muscle Spasm