Exercise - Forward Narrow Lunge Walk




Do not arch the back or lean forward/backward or let the knee cross the toes.

Model: Lobo


Position : Stand
Stand with feet hip-width apart and arms by the side.


Form & Movement
Maintain chin tuck, blades set and core set. Breathe in, take a step forward, lower the body towards the floor by bending the knee and hip of front leg by 30 degrees. Breathe out, squeeze the buttocks and return back to standing position. Repeat by walking forward.
Body types : Hip
Conditions : ACL Sprain-Grade 1 ACL Sprain-Grade 2 ACL Sprain-Grade 3 Chronic ACL Sprain Chronic PCL Sprain Gluteal Tendinopathy Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome Hip OA Lateral Meniscal Rehab-Traumatic LCL Sprain-Grade 1 LCL Sprain-Grade 2 LCL Sprain-Grade 3 Lumbar Radiculitis MCL Sprain-Grade 1 MCL Sprain-Grade 2 MCL Sprain-Grade 3 Medial Meniscal Rehab-Traumatic PCL Sprain-Grade 1 PCL Sprain-Grade 2 PCL Sprain-Grade 3 Recurrent LCL Sprain Recurrent MCL Sprain