Exercise - Stand Shoulder Abduction near Wall




Do not round/shrug the shoulder or arch the back

Model: Diya


Position : Stand
Stand against the wall, back resting on the wall and arms by the side.


Form & Movement
Maintain chin tuck, blades set and core set. Breathe out, squeezing the blades elevate the arms by the side towards the ceiling such that thumbs pointing towards the ceiling. Breathe in, maintaining the blades squeeze, lower the arms back to starting position. Repeat.
Body types : Shoulder
Conditions : Acute Neck Pain Acute Trapezius Myalgia Acute Trapezius Strain Adhesive Capsulitis C Radiculopathy C Radioculopathy Cervical Spondylosis Chronic Neck Pain Chronic Trapezius Myalgia Chronic Trapezius Strain Forward Head Posture Frozen Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tendonitis Supraspinatus Tendonitis Trapezius Muscle Soreness Trapezius Muscle Spasm