Exercise - Forefoot Press




Do not curl/straighten the toes or move the ankle

Model: SLobo


Position : Sit
Sit on the chair such that toes pointing forward, place a towel roll under the ball of the foot.


Form & Movement
Maintain core set. Breathe out, press the forefoot or the ball of the toes on the towel and generate as much force as possible. Hold. Breathe in,release the press . Repeat. Check out arcsfl recovery center to know more.
Body types : Ankle
Conditions : Ankle Sprain Anterior Ankle Impingement Sciatica- Acute Disc Herniation Sciatica-Chronic Disc Herniation Sciatica-Spinal Stenosis Sciatica-Spondyloisthesis Sciatica-Subacute Disc Herniation