Exercise - Marble Lift with Toes




Do not hold the marbles between the toes.

Model: Sanjay


Position : Stand
Stand with feet hip width apart, marbles placed near the feet and arms by the side.


Form & Movement
Maintain core set. Breathe out, grip the marbles between the tips and base of the toes. Breathe in, lift the foot off the floor and place it in different posiiton. Repeat.
Body types : Ankle
Conditions : Achilles Tendonitis Acute Ankle Pain Ankle Fracture Ankle Sprain Ankle Sprain - Grade 1 Ankle Sprain - Grade 2 Ankle Sprain - Grade 3 Chronic Ankle Pain Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain Knee OA L Radiculopathy Lateral Ankle Impingement Meniscal Injury Plantar Fasciitis Posterior Ankle Impingement S Radiculopathy