Exercise - Plantarflexion with Knee Flexed




Do not rotate the hip or foot or straighten the knee.

Model: Lobo


Position : Supine
Lie on the back with legs straight forward, place a towel roll or pillow under the knee of an exercising leg.


Form & Movement
Maintain core set. Breathe out, move the foot away from the body. Breathe in, move the foot towards the body such that toes pointing towards the ceiling. Repeat.
Body types : Ankle
Conditions : Achilles Tendonitis Ankle Fracture Ankle Sprain Knee OA Knee Sprain Meniscal Injury Plantar Fasciitis Pseudo Sciatica Sciatica- Acute Disc Herniation Sciatica-Chronic Disc Herniation Sciatica-Degenerative Disc Disease Sciatica-Piriformis Syndrome Sciatica-SI joint Dysfunction Sciatica-Spinal Stenosis Sciatica-Spondyloisthesis Sciatica-Subacute Disc Herniation