Exercise - Q-ped to Child Pose Stretch




Do not arch/round the back or release the chin tuck

Model: Lobo


Position : Q-ped
On 4s such that wrists under the shoulders and knees under the hips.


Form & Movement
Maintain chin tuck, blades set and core set. Feel for the stretch on the armpit. Hold. Breathe out, without moving the hands, sit back on the knees. Breathe in, back to 4s position.
Body types : Hip Knee Shoulder
Conditions : Lumbar Hyperlordosis Lumbar Radiculitis Military Back Piriformis Syndrome Postural Low Back Pain Sciatica-Spinal Stenosis Sciatica-Spondyloisthesis Sway Back Unilateral Anterior Pelvic Tilt Unilateral Posterior Pelvic Tilt